The goal should be to become interdependent. It is said that the more you help others to succeed, the more success you will have. Well if helping others is all it takes to be successful, then take a look at some of the services that we can provide and help you with.

Are you on the 40/40 plan.  That's 40 hours a week for 40 years and a gold watch.  If you believe that having a network in place is to ones advantage as well as knowing the right people, and being in the right place at the right time, then you are on your way to early retirement.  

Our Trucking, Inc.
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Real Estate
Why throw money out the window renting when that same money can be put back into your pocket in the form of equity. Home ownership is the only way to go! Renting should be temporary.

Our Internet Global Mall
Why shop 'til you drop. Stay at home and click 'til you drop with hundreds of discount stores on-line.

Take control of your mind, body, and soul while learning a highly disciplined art (self-defense).

People at Their Best: 
Mr. Michael Blount is a Certified Public Accountant.
Mrs. Indra Purefoy is a Mary Kay Consultant

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